Sugarbear - 美國純素維他命寧靜睡眠軟糖 60粒 軟糖 USA Sleep Vitamins (60 gummies)



Sugarbear - 美國純素維他命寧靜睡眠軟糖 60粒 軟糖 USA Sleep Vitamins (60 gummies) 產地: 美國 SugarBear Sleep,素食香糖維他命配褪黑激素,5-羥色氨酸(5-HTP),鎂,L-茶氨酸,纈草根,檸檬香蜂草(1個月使用量) SugarBear® Sleep 純素維他命寧靜睡眠軟糖是一種易於使用,科學配方的純素食維生素複合物,旨在幫助您入睡! 果味軟糖由褪黑激素配製而成,還包括自己專有的Rest Well Blend,包括檸檬香脂葉,西番蓮. SugarBear Sleep 是您可以享受的純素,無大豆,無麩質的睡眠維他命軟糖。 停止大量吞嚥有臭味的藥丸,開始享受甜,可口,果味的SugarBear®Sleep軟糖! 美國製造! 不含人造甜味劑和香料。 您將品嚐並感受到與眾不同! 維他命的顏色會隨著時間而有所變化,而顏色的變化是不會影響維他命的效果和帶有風險。 Sugarbear Vegan Sleep Vitamins are easy-to-use, scientifically formulated, contain just 1.5g of sugar per gummy and are vegan, designed to help you sleep. SugarBear® Sleep gummies are an easy-to-use, scientifically formulated, vegan vitamin complex designed to help you sleep! SugarBear Sleep are vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free sleep-enhancing* gummy vitamins that you can enjoy! Stop gulping down large smelly pills and start enjoying sweet, delicious, berry-flavored SugarBear® Sleep gummies! Made in the U.S.A! Free of artificial sweeteners and flavors. You will taste and feel the difference! Melatonin - Natural hormone that tells your body when it is time to go to sleep that regulates your sleep cycle. Magnesium - Aids in the body’s production of melatonin and has a natural relaxing effect on the body. Theanine (L-Theanine) - Commonly found in tea, helps support a calm and relaxed mood. Relaxes. Vitamin B6 - Helps the body regulate amino acid tryptophan levels which in turn helps the body produce melatonin. Enhances natural melatonin production. Our Rest Well Blend is a proprietary blend of botanicals and 5-HTP that promote relaxation and is designed to optimize sleep. It includes the following ingredients: Lemon Balm Leaf - Provides calming effects and used for problems with sleep and restlessness. Passion Flower - Calms brain activity and may help you relax and sleep better. Valerian Root - Contains antioxidants that promote sleep and a calm mood. 5- HTP - Helps to support both a positive mood and a state of relaxation. Color of the vitamins will change over time. The vitamins are still safe and effective with this color change.