DIVO Pure Olive Oil 500ml 橄欖油 500毫升 (意大利進口)



DIVO Pure Olive Oil 500ml 橄欖油 500毫升 (意大利進口) 橄欖油和初榨橄欖油組成; 直接從橄欖獲得。 成分:意大利進口精製橄欖油和特級初榨橄欖油。 存放在陰涼避光處。 橄欖油富含豐富的單不飽和脂肪酸——油酸,還有維生素A、維生素B、維生素D、維生素E、維生素K及抗氧化物等。橄欖油被認為是迄今所發現的油脂中最適合人體營養的油。橄欖油在於其極佳的天然保健功效,美容功效和理想的烹調用途。長期使用橄欖油可抗衰老與利智健腦能減慢老年人神經細胞功能退化和大腦萎縮,進而能預防和推遲發生老年性癡呆。 DIVO Pure Olive Oil 500ml (Imported from Italy) Composed of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils; obtained directly from Olives. Ingredients: Refined Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Imported from Italy. Store in a cool and dark place. "Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids -- oleic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K and antioxidants. Olive oil is considered to be the most nutritious oil ever discovered. Olive oil lies in its excellent natural health benefits, beauty benefits and ideal cooking USES. Long-term use of olive oil can be anti-aging and brain benefits can slow down the aging nerve cell function degeneration and brain atrophy, which can prevent and delay the occurrence of senile dementia