DIVO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L 特級初榨橄欖油 1 升 (意大利進口)



DIVO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L 特級初榨橄欖油 1 升 (意大利進口) 高級類別,直接從橄欖中獲得,僅通過機械方式獲得。 成分:橄欖油,意大利進口。 存放在陰涼避光處。 冷榨橄欖油是採用歐洲最高等級的冷壓法從純天然食用油中壓榨出來的,保留了原有最豐富的營養成分和天然風味,口感順滑自然,含有超豐富的橄欖多酚抗氧化成分,不僅可以提供 人體所需熱量,改善消化系統,還含有豐富的維生素E。 DIVO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L (Imported from Italy) Superior Category, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Imported from Italy. Store in a cool and dark place. Cold pressed olive oil is the use of Europe’s highest grading cold pressure method squeezed out of pure natural edible oil, retaining the original most abundant nutrients and natural flavor, smooth and natural taste, containing super rich olive polyphenols antioxidant part, not only can provide the body’s required heat, improve the digestive system, but also has a wealth of vitamin E.



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