Bostock 新西蘭牛油果油 (250ml) New Zealand Avocado Oil



Bostock 新西蘭牛油果油 (250ml) New Zealand Avocado Oil 產地: 新西蘭 New Zealand Bostock牛油果油是冷壓和未精製的——確保營養成分和健康的單不飽和脂肪保留在成品中 牛油果油具有高煙點 - 因此非常適合在高溫下烹飪,因為您可以將其用於炒、烤、平底鍋煎和燒烤 富含維生素、β-谷甾醇和膽固醇 每瓶 250 毫升的牛油果油都含有 20 個牛油果果實的精華。 Bostock avocado oil is cold-pressed and unrefined – ensuring the nutritional goodness and healthy monounsaturated fats are retained in the finished product Avocado oil has a high smoke point – therefore great for cooking at high temperatures as you may use with stir frying, roasting, pan frying and barbeques Rich in vitamins, beta-sitosterol and cholesterol free Each 250ml bottle of avocado oil is packed with the goodness of 20 avocado fruit.