Alkemie 緊緻補水濃縮啫哩 (50ml) ALK.00105 (行貨) Needles No More Hydrolift Booster (50ml)



Alkemie 緊緻補水濃縮啫哩 (50ml) ALK.00105 (行貨) Needles No More Hydrolift Booster (50ml) 商品描述 (Needles No More) 深層保濕,填補皺紋,塑造鵝蛋臉形。迅速改善容易形成皺紋、鬆弛失去彈性的乾燥皮膚。蘊含創新、天然活躍高濃分子 - 生物可利用的低分子透明質酸和Acmella Oleracea 六神草萃取功效,猶如植物性肉毒悍菌。具有快速多維補水和緊緻皮膚的效果,減少模擬肌肉的周期性微張力,明顯減淡和填補皺紋。可以跟你最喜歡的面霜、面膜、精華素一同使用,也可在化妝前提升肌膚。 產品特點: 輕盈啫哩質地, 即時強效吸收 強效保濕,減少皺紋,補水緊緻 含有比標準顆粒細小100倍的透明質酸緊緻肌膚,減少早期皺紋 刺激皮膚再生和透明質酸、膠原蛋白和彈性蛋白的產生 適合所有膚質 含有98.4%的天然成分(包括3%的有機成分) 使用方法: 適合日常使用,可於早上及晚上各用一次。將少量(一至兩泵)濃縮啫哩塗在潔淨的面部、頸部和肩頸皮膚上,靜待吸收。產品將在皮膚表面形成透明薄膜,請勿按摩。最後塗上你喜愛的面霜。 產品成分: Glycohyal LW-新一代的透明質酸,特點是顆粒的大小比標準顆粒小100多倍,因此在生物性層面,皮膚極容易吸收。強效促進皮膚內層的滲透-在多個層面上產生效果,滲透至更深層的皮膚並形成微層以填充深層皺紋。Glycohyal Lw增強細胞的生物活性,刺激膠原蛋白和彈性蛋白的產生,也會通過刺激透明質酸的產生,顯著提高皮膚保濕作用。 GatulineExpression®-提取自馬達加斯加的藥用植物六神草的花與莖的萃取物, 可以減少這些細小肌肉的周期性微張力。第一次使用後,已經可以見到明顯緊緻皮膚和減少皺紋的效果。面上的細小肌肉經過歲月,長期受地心吸力影響,會出現深刻的皺紋和面部下垂。 有機甘油-持久滋潤和保持表皮水分充足。 DESCRIPTION (Needles No More) An immediate loading treatment for a dry skin prone to the formation of wrinkles, losing firmness and elasticity. The extract from Acmella Oleracea which works like plant botox. It provides quick effects ofmultidimensional hydration and skin tightening, reduction of the cyclic micro tensions of mimic muscles, visible depth reduction and “filling” of wrinkles. Main Characteristics: Contains hyaluronic acid which is 100 times smaller than a standard particle An immediate and deeply absorbing formula Strong hydration, wrinkle reduction, hydrolifting Universal use (a hydrating and lifting base under a cream, an additive to creams, masks, elixirs) Contains 98.4% of natural ingredients (including 3% organic) Method of Application: For daily use. In the morning and evening, or just once a day. Apply a small amount (1 or 2 pumps) of the concentrate to cleansed face, neck and cleavage skin and leave it to be absorbed. Do not massage, as the product is supposed to create an invisible film on the skin surface. Then apply your favorite cream. The Secret Recipe: Glycohyal LW – a new generation of hyaluronic acid. It is characterized by the size of its particle which is over 100 times smaller than the standard one and, as a result, its high bio availability for the skin. A strong promoter of interdermal penetration – it brings effects on multiple levels, penetrates into deeper skin layers and creates micro-layers, filling even deep wrinkles. It enhances the biological activity of cells. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It significantly enhances the level of skin hydration by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid. Gatuline Expression® - an extract from flowers and stems of Acmella Oleracea, a medicinal plant from Madagascar. Provides visible tightening of the skin and reduction of wrinkles after the first application. It reduces cyclic micro tensions of mimic muscles which, over the years, lead to the formation of deep wrinkles and drooping of facial structures due to gravity. Organic glycerin - long-lastingly moisturizes and retains water in the epidermis.

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