Alkemie 溫和潔面卸妝泡沫 (150ml) ALK.00201 (行貨) Foa-m My God! Extremely gentle cleansing foam (150ml)



Alkemie 溫和潔面卸妝泡沫 (150ml) ALK.00201 (行貨) Foa-m My God! Extremely gentle cleansing foam (150ml) 商品描述 潔面泡沫具有保濕、舒緩輕微刺激和加強皮膚防禦機制的特性,適合所有膚質使用。由珍貴的植物基質、天然抗炎和舒緩成分提取物組成。質地幼滑的潔面泡沫,能清潔及舒緩肌膚,有效保護免受環境污染的皮膚,並加強對敏感肌膚的保護。即使非常敏感的肌膚,眼部和咀唇附近的皮膚也可以安心使用。還可以有效去除化妝品、雜質、灰塵和重金屬。 產品特點: 比其他潔面產品去除多7成的灰塵和重金屬 適合所有膚質使用,包括最敏感的皮膚類型 質地幼滑,感覺舒適愉快 配方以富含皂苷的草本植物成分為主 性質溫和,所有肌膚、眼部和咀唇附近的皮膚也可以安全使用,不會造成刺激 有效清潔和卸妝 強效保濕,強化和舒緩肌膚 含有98.65%的天然成分(包括13%的有機成分) 使用方法: 適合每日使用。把泡沫塗抹在濕的面部、頸部皮膚上,輕輕按摩,再以溫水沖洗。 產品成分: 取自三個地區的草本植物物質:埃及訶子、滿天星和印度皂角,可以徹底清潔非常敏感的面部皮膚,恢復肌膚的生物平衡和舒適感覺。 塔斯馬尼亞山胡椒 -具有即時鎮靜和抗炎症作用的塔斯馬尼亞山胡椒漿果提取物,可密封血管,減少皮膚腫脹,發紅和灼燒感。 7種草藥的生物活性複合物-混合了多種植物的提取物,包括虎草、甘草、母菊、日本虎杖、迷迭香、綠茶和貝加爾黃芩。這種複合物形成了「生物性保護盾」,可以預防污染環境、清潔用品和其他刺激物帶來的負面影響。可以減少紅腫,瘙癢和紅斑。 強效保濕成分-強效保濕,柔軟和緊緻肌膚,取自L-谷氨酸的天然衍生物和真菌澱粉抗氧化劑。 DESCRIPTION A universal, velvety cleansing foam created with a delicate plant base and natural anti-infl ammatory and soothing extracts. Safe even for a very sensitive skin, also of eye and lip area. It effective removes makeup and impurities, as well as dust and heavy metals. It hydrates, soothes minor irritation, strengthens the defense mechanisms of the skin. skóry. Main Characteristics: Rinses up to 70% more dust and heavy metals than standard cleansing cosmetics Universal use, for every skin type, also the most sensitive one A pleasant, creamy texture Gentle for skin, eyes and lips, does not cause irritation Effectively cleanses and removes makeup contains 98.65% of natural ingredients (including 13% organic) Method of Application: For daily use. Apply the foam to damp face, neck and cleavage skin, massage for a short while, then rinse with warm water. The Secret Recipe: Plant washing substances from three parts of the world - obtained from Egyptian myrobalan, Gypsophila and Shikakai, thoroughly cleanse even the very sensitive face skin. They restore its biological balance and comfort. Tasmanian mountain pepper - an extract from Tasmanian mountain pepper berries with instant calming and anti-inflammatory effects, which seals blood vessels. It reduces swellings, redness and the burning sensation. Bio active complex of 7 herbs - a mix of plant extracts (tiger grass, liquorice, matricaria, Japanese knotweed, rosemary, green tea, Baikal skullcap). It constitutes the “biological protective shield” which prevents the negative effects of polluted environment, detergents and other irritants. It reduces redness, itching and erythema. Intensively hydrating ingredients - natural derivatives of L-Glutamic acid and a fungi starch antioxidant with strong skin hydrating, softening and firming effects.

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