Abtronic Sport-Elect 健肌神器 Multisport Pro MSP001



Sport-Elect 健肌神器 Multisport Pro MSP001 Abtronic 與 法國專業運動品牌 SPORT-ELEC 研發之專業級"健肌神器" Multisport Pro 肌肉訓練及恢復儀 , 揉合高階 EMS 及 TENS 兩種專業技術於一身,專為運動員進行日常靈活彈性之訓練而設,配備 8 個肌肉運動模式及 6 個肌肉恢復模式,為你帶來全新訓練體驗! 產品特點 -法國研製成果, 專業EMS 及 TENS 肌肉訓練儀 - 專為運動員進行日常應用訓練而設 - 可更快有效地提升肌肉性能, 強度及耐力 - 可鍛鍊腹肌, 手臂, 大腿, 二頭肌, 三角肌及大部份肌肉 - 能減輕訓練過後的肌肉疲勞, 痛楚及繃緊 - 加快回復肌肉狀態, 幫助預防肌肉拉傷 - 4 顆獨立模組可提供 88 種運動模式及 66 種健體模式 -醫學專業認證, 臨床測試有效 -機身加建防撞膠以增強保護, 堅固耐用 AbTronic Sport-Elect Multisport Pro MSP001 Abtronic and the French professional sports brand SPORT-ELEC developed a professional "muscle-building artifact" Multisport Pro muscle training and recovery device, which combines high-end EMS and TENS two professional techniques in one, specially designed for athletes to carry out daily flexible and flexible training. , Equipped with 8 muscle exercise modes and 6 muscle recovery modes, bringing you a brand new training experience! Features - Developed in France, professional EMS and TENS muscle training equipment - Designed for athletes' daily application training - Improved muscle performance, strength and endurance faster and effectively - Abdominal muscles, arms, thighs, biceps, deltoids and most muscles can be exercised - Can reduce muscle fatigue, pain and tension after training - Speed up the recovery of muscle state and help prevent muscle strain - 4 independent modules provide 88 exercise modes and 66 fitness modes - Medical professional certification, effective clinical testing - The unit is equipped with anti-collision glue to enhance protection and durable

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